RPG 4.5 Portable Pipe Facing
In manual welding technology, quality pipe end processing is absolutely essential from an economic perspective. A high quality of pipe-end machining is absolutely required from a technical viewpoint in automated welding, the so-called "orbital welding". Orbitalum has developed the squaring tube machines RPG 4.5, RPG 4.5 S and RPG 8.6. The perfect solution for the demanding, quality preparation of pipe ends for orbital welding!

With high-precision, the user is able to pre- pare tubes with the RPG 4.5 up to 114.4 mm (4.5") and with the RPG 8.6 up to 219.1 mm (8.6") tube outer diameters quickly, burr- free and absolutely square.
Low operating costs for processing tubes are a big advantage. Our symmetric, exchangeable stainless steel and aluminum clamping shells (not for RPG 4.5 S) allow for a quick and easy tool change without any tool. A dimension change no longer requires a lot of time. The operator can work comfortably thanks to the ergonomic design of the machine, and can also save time.
Key Features
All multifunctional tools (MFW) are two-sided tool bits with protective coating against tool wear. This enables the preparation of tubes made of high-alloy, unalloyed and low-alloy steels and aluminum with high precision very quickly and efficiently.
Clean and secure working area with a clear view of the cutting head.
The RPG 4.5 (S) and RPG 8.6 are equipped with a high-quality, powerful drive with 230 Volt and/ or 120 Volt.
The machines and accessories are supplied in a handy, durable storage and shipping case.


The tube squaring machine RPG 4.5 S is characterized by its universal vice clamping system. With this particularly economical alternative to other conventional dimension specific clamping shells, tubes can be centred, clamped and processed in the easiest way possible.
Integrated clamping jaws made from coated cast aluminum for different tube diameters
Cost-effective as no dimension-specific clamping shells required
Multi-point clamping of the tube



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