MRA Metal Tube Cutter Manual Manual Tube Cutter
25.0mm - 254.0mm
The clever solution for cutting metal tubes manually in any position. This metal tube cutter is especially designed for cramped working places and for chipless cutting processes.

For manual cutting of metal tubes in any position. Easy to use first-rate cutting technology.

The patented cutting technique used in design- ing the MRA is based on the diameter-specific clamping shells and the flexible multi-roller cutting chain. Both these components are made of hardened, wear resistant steel and provide the following advantages:
Long service life of the components
The cutting chain is at a right-angle around
the tube
The MRA runs on track rollers on the
clamping shells
Minimum hand movements
Tubes made of stainless steel can be cut
Key Features
Deformation-free and square cut
No electricity required
Requires little space, for use in limited access
High-alloy steel (stainless steel material e.g. no. 1.40... to 1.45... or 304/316 materials)
Low-alloy and unalloyed steel
Cast materials
Non-ferrous metals



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