ORBIMAT 180 SW Power Supply Power Source
More quality, safety and flexibility in orbital welding by Industry 4.0 technology: This intelligent power supply connects the orbital welding process with state-of-the-art information and communication technology, and makes for the best welding results, high efficiency and sustainable quality management.

Thanks to the integrated LAN interface, the ORBIMAT 180 SW can be integrated into the customer network: Users, planning engineers and quality assurance employees with different user levels have access to projects and data at all times, making it possible to keep track of the entire welding process. All welding data and programs for each individual welding process can be called up and documented in full, analysed, used and optimised for future welding processes. This way, production sequences can be planned better and are also safer and less time-consuming. The ORBIMAT 180 SW is therefore an important element for establishing more sustainable quality management.
Key Features
The ORBIMAT 180 SW is operated using the 12.4" color touch display screen, or alternatively with the multifunctional control dial, as is familiar from premium automobiles and the ORBIMAT CA series. The multilingual menu interface with graphic support makes operation and parametrisation of the welding power supply simple and intuitive. Soft keys provide direct access to important commands. The new ORBIMAT runs with an operating system which reboots smoothly and without data loss, even after the types of abrupt system shut-downs and power failures which can occur on construction sites.

The ORBIMAT 180 SW achieves more quality thanks to digital and precise welding gas control "PERMANENT GAS". It makes it possible to perform welding processes with the highest level of purity and a low gas requirement, reducing the costs for each welding process. The gas quantity values saved with the welding program therefore make easily reproducible welding results. The automatic rotor stop function provides improved safety. The ORBIMAT 180 SW also features motor torque control: If the welding head rotor is prevented from rotating by sluggishness or an obstruction during automatic rotation, the power supply stops the rotor movement of the welding head immediately. Man and machine are provided with better protection, and costly production downtimes, caused by rejected goods and repairs, are prevented. At the same time, the service life of the welding head is extended.



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